Dial showing how hypnotherapy can maximise your self esteemWe are all capable of being a little devious when it comes to getting what we want. As women, some of us can become master manipulators using our sexuality as a means to an end. Sometimes we will not even ‘batter an eyelid’ feeling perfectly justified in our attempts to seduce men into providing us with a lifestyle, and social access that we may feel is difficult for us to attain on our own merits. For some reason we believe that we do not have the goods, the intelligence, and the talent to achieve our goals, dreams and aspirations without a man there to protect us. For some reason we have bought into those fairytales, the likes of Snow White and Cinderella. As little girls we accepted the belief that we need to be rescued, we need a safety net of male protection. We have been lulled into an idea, that has become all too familiar, but it is an unfulfilling paradigm, creating apathy, boredom and frustration. Ultimately it is an issue of self-esteem.

Somewhere in our past, we were made to feel that the world is not safe, or we are just not clever enough and therefore we need a man to survive. We are unable to trust ourselves and our innate abilities to create a life that brings us joy, satisfaction and self value.

Of course it is wonderful to have a man, a deep loving relationship, but if our motivation behind that union is to simply be cosseted from the trials and tribulation of life, then we are misleading and manipulating another person for our own ends. Inevitably we are compromising ourselves, and eventually the price we pay will be high, because we are living in a way that is not authentic. This creates an inner discord and that feeling will continue to grow, manifesting as irritation, defensiveness, anger, resentment and frustration. There is the possibility that we may eventually resent our partner for the misdemeanour of being the more powerful and independent one, attributes that we lack the courage to pursue. Sometimes these feelings may remain hidden, as we constantly live in a state of denial, because facing the truth feels like a monumental task.

Actually discovering our light is a lot easier and infinitely more satisfying than existing in the shadow of someone else.

A man can never compensate for what we lack inside. There is not a man walking on the earth that can heal what is essentially our domain, unless they are the reincarnation of Jesus, it is not going to happen. If we are manipulators, then it is time to start asking ourselves some really important, poignant questions. Why do we feel we are not enough? Why are we frightened to take hold of the reigns and be the master of our lives? How do we stop being a ‘princess’ and take our place as Queens?

Unfortunately the longer we compromise ourselves and play safe, the longer we will never know just how magnificent, capable, clever and talented we are. Our gifts will lie dormant, undiscovered, all for an illusionary sense of safety and security. We know there are no guarantees in life, and placing our security and well-being in the hands of someone else is going to leave us feeling very vulnerable and needy.

Hypnotherapy for self esteem and Inner Child work can change those old beliefs. These beliefs were probably created when we were very young, at an age when fairytales were more than ‘make-believe’ they were a definite reality. Of course it wasn’t just fairytales, but all the beliefs from those in our immediate environment that had a substantial impact on our view of the world. However, times change, and women have more choice and freedom now, but does our subconscious know that? As far as our subconscious is concerned, we are still a little girl, waiting for Prince Charming to come and carry us off into the sunset.

Maybe it is better to put ‘our happy ever after’ in our own hands and master our lives so that we feel secure, confident, capable and empowered. There is no reason why we cannot have it all, a wonderful relationship and self mastery.

Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem will help us master our lives, so we can create experiences that feel deeply satisfying and self enhancing. We will never know who we truly are, and what we are capable of until we trust and open to the possibility that maybe, the best is yet to come.