MAP Process

I have had two wonderful private sessions with Sandy. Working with the super conscious with Sandy has been profoundly healing. She holds an incredible space, strong yet compassionate and she is also very intuitive and knows exactly how to meet you where you are, yet with a strong sense of what’s needed for your healing journey. Her way of working with the combination of therapy and spirituality is deeply profound in its impact. I had an incredibly deep healing experience in my second session which was especially centred on heart healing. The feelings and sensations were so similar to a really powerful experience I had during a plant medicine ceremony several years ago, and I can only describe as being incredible. This was the same, deeply meditative, and I could feel the depth of healing within my heart space. I came out of the session feeling strong, empowered, and also with a strong feeling that my intentions of heart truth had begun their manifestation. The effects are continuing and are certainly being reflected back to me in my day to day life. Thank you so much Sandy! Just amazing!


Eating Disorder

Before my first session with Sandy I made a list. I wanted to be as precise as possible, to use my time with her well. It was a long list. I’ve lived with a corrosive and pervasive eating disorder for over thirty years. I’ve dressed this disorder up as politics - Fat is a feminist issue. I’ve had years of therapy and understood the complex ‘why’ of emotional eating - My mother died, I want to take up the space she previously occupied. I want to celebrate - I cook. I want to commiserate - I cook. I want to forget - I cook. I want to remember… everything in my life was linked to food and yes, I also trotted out the cliche about it not being fair, that if you’re an alcoholic ‘all’ you have to do is give up booze but if you give up food, you die!
A couple of weeks ago, whilst looking for something else, I found my Sandy-list. I was struck by how long it was and, that the first thing on the list was really all I’d ever wanted, and most of all, that I had, without even realising it, got my heart’s desire. Sandy, with a practical lightness of touch that still astounds me, had gifted me my wish. I had written - I want a miracle. And that’s what I got. Yes, I lost some weight but more, so much more, my eating disorder has just gone. My mind is still. My body is fit for purpose.


Virtual Gastric Band

After 20 years of battling with weight loss and self esteem, trying every diet out there, I really was at an all time low. A friend of mine recommended Hypnotherapy for a Virtual Gastric Band. I was cynical but I explored and came across Sandy. There was a cancellation for the next day and between this fate and Sandys direction on the phone, I knew I wanted to try this even with all of my cynicism.

I had in total 4 sessions with Sandy and my amazement comes in the fact that the 2 stone I lost is secondary in comparison to the increase in self esteem I gained. Not through the weight loss but the hypnotherapy is about you loving yourself enough to feed it only with the good. My subconscious read that in so many ways. 6 months on, I am 2.5stone lighter, 2 dress sizes smaller and slowly continuing to lose but oh so very happy in myself generally and have found a new love for myself which in turn encouraged me to set my wedding date!

All of my friends and family consistently compliment me and are amazed at what has made this happen for me. Everyone is different but if you haven't tried it already then I definitely recommend this treatment.

For me it is also about the trust you have in the practitioner and Sandy was without a doubt one of the most sensitive, understanding, intuitive, patient and caring people which for someone like me made this even more enjoyable and relaxing. I always looked forward to the time spent with her and I would 100% recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Sandy for helping me find 'me' again because she is blinking fantastic!


Opened My Heart

My session with Sandy opened a door to my awareness that I didn't even realize was shut.

After my divorce, I was having trouble staying centered in relationships and found myself attracting men who really were not a good match for me. Through her soothing voice and timely insights, Sandy guided me to a place where my ego was stripped down and I could see not only my patterns but my mother's patterns as well which I was now carrying.

My journey with Sandy helped me pinpoint the key thoughts I was having that were blocking my ability to manifest a healthy relationship. I now feel more ready than ever to not only give love, but more importantly I feel completely deserving to receive love.

Thank you again Sandy for opening my heart to knowing the divine light that I am.
Nicola - Hawaii

Thank You

I started my Virtual Gastric Band sessions with you out of desperation as a last resort after trying every diet existing !

As you may recall, I was very sceptical about the idea of hypnosis, but then again, I was desperate.

The first session was very hard for me, however I followed your advice about listening to the CD and suddenly I felt I was connecting with you and your voice…the following two sessions totally transformed me and transformed my opinion about hypnosis.

My favourite session was the “inner child” session which I felt brought back the “beautiful me” that had died many many years ago. Suddenly my confidence started growing back and my midnight binging stopped and finally after 15 years of self-punishment with food, I was in control of my eating habits.

I had my last session with you today and I feel like a different person, more confident, more in control of my life and more positive about the future.

Although my initial contact with you was to help me lose weight, you proved to be a great Hypnotherapist and used hypnosis to resolve a lot of my underlying psychological issues which were causing my problems with food, something that no other diet has managed to achieve.

I genuinely can’t thank you enough and recommend you to everyone, not just for weight loss issues, but for any other issues that is causing them stress and discomfort.

Yours sincerely
Rose - Hertfordshire


MAP Superconscious Process

After a traumatic couple of years, I found myself blocked in my thinking and could feel that I was erecting barriers to all aspects of day to day life. This was having an impact on my family, work and social life. Despite thinking I knew what to tell myself to shake it all away, I just wasn't able to shift the malaise. I was recommended to Sandy by a close relative, who I had seen benefit from her treatment, but it still took my many months for me to actually take action and book a first appointment.

After my first session, Sandy suggested the MAP Superconscious process, which we started in my very next session and continued with over the following few months. Feeling quite reluctant to re-live or talk about my past experiences, I found this form of treatment extremely conducive to the way I felt I needed to process events. I found it personal, secure, private and exceptionally illuminating. The events that were present to me through my Superconscious mind were definitely not memories that I could have resurrected in association with the emotions I was feeling. I found being able to see and feel these past events provided connections and explanations for the ways in which my personality has developed throughout my life. With this, came clarity as to where those defining elements were positive and strong and where they were negative and distorted.Experiencing these events is one part of the process, but being able to package them and put them into the past is a very powerful part of the process too. Having been in crisis mode for so long, it had started to become my normal operating procedure. Re-evaluating whether these emotions were right, and consigning them to a difficult period in life if it they were not, was exceedingly therapeutic and gave a strong sense of having a good clear out! I commented to Sandy at the end of one session that I felt that I had moved a boulder!

I felt a high level of trust in Sandy at the very beginning of my treatment sessions, despite doing the treatment online due to Covid restrictions. I think this grew from my often quite garbled attempts to explain my emotions or feelings, and Sandy being able to very succinctly narrate that back to me in a way that felt that she was in my thoughts and completely understood how I was blocked and frustrated. Sandy has a wealth of experience, and she had the ability to make a strong connection to my situation, and developing thoughts throughout the process, that made me feel she understood how I felt. Sandy is confident, sensitive and thorough in her use of hypnotherapy and MAP and I would recommend her very highly.


Tackle Stubborn and Powerful Processes

My sessions with Sandy allowed me to really get into my subconscious mind and tackle some stubborn and powerful processes.

I have always felt that my subconscious beliefs were limiting my life but extended talk therapy with previous therapists just did not seem to make a difference.

I felt very close to sandy during my sessions because of her gentle nature. Her own history helped me feel safe and connected to her. Since her sessions life just feels easier and I have more self esteem.

Self Discover & Heal

I would highly recommend The Journey and Hypnotherapy for anyone feeling the need to, or ready to, make a shift, release old wounds, self discover and heal.

I experienced a real connection to my spirituality and a great release of physical tensions. I was able to go deep within and see things about my self that needed to be acknowledged.

I still have much work to do but now have a foundation from which to build. From the session something ended and something begun...

Sandy is an excellent therapist. I felt safe and supported, she was fully present every moment with me, and I can't thank her enough!
Loraine - Islington

I Have Lost 2 Dress Sizes

I am writing to say a really big 'Thank You' for the tremendous help you have given to me in my efforts to lose weight. I have been trying for many years to lose weight without success, but this time it has worked. I have tried many slimming clubs, diets and exercises but never really lost much weight. I even joined a running club, but had to stop due to a bad knee injury, which has also stopped me doing any impact exercise.

I heard about the virtual gastric band a while ago. More recently I was looking through my local paper where virtual gastric band was being advertised locally. I rang the number straight away and made an appointment with Sandy.

I am so glad that I took the opportunity to make that phone call and followed the gastric band system, as I have now lost an amazing 1.5 Stone (that's 10 bags of sugar I no longer have to carry around). I have also lost 2 dress sizes, I feel fitter and my knee seems less painful so I am going to try again to exercise next week.

I am delighted with the results and I know that I will continue to lose more weight with the virtual gastric band together with help of the recordings.

I would thoroughly recommend Sandy to anyone who is serious about weight loss.

Thanks Again
Janette - Hertfordshire

Dropped A Size In 6 Weeks

Sandy is a remarkable person and professional.

I have worked with and consulted quite a few counsellors and hypnotherapists before meeting her, however never have I met someone who offers such an effective balance of practical, emotional and emphatic support.

Her understanding of applying the most effective method and saying the right thing at the right time has helped me regain control of not only my eating habits but also my confidence and self-assurance in other areas of my life.

I have dropped a size after only 6 weeks since we started the Virtual Gastric Band therapy and am facing life with renewed enthusiasm after many years of difficult experiences.

As a professional coach and mentor I know about supporting others through changes and the impact that one special person can have on people.

I cannot recommend her highly enough and if you’re not sure – just have one session with Sandy and you will discover the wonderful benefits for yourself.

Jennifer – Learning, Development & Career Management Consultant

Sandy is a fantastic therapist

Sandy is a fantastic therapist whom I highly recommend to anyone who is facing any level of trauma or difficulty in their lives. I came to Sandy with many issues which I have struggled with since childhood and has affected my day to day adult life including mental, physical and sexual abuse. Within one session with Sandy, I felt the emotions of those memories completely wash away and became replaced wish a warm sense of peace. I have been to many different therapists but none achieved the level of results that Sandy did for me. After one session, I went from feeling angry, on edge, and anxious to free, relaxed, in the moment and completely in control of my life. I highly recommend Sandy to anyone who isn't where they want to be right now or feel like they are completely out of options and there is nowhere else to turn, like I did. Thank you Sandy!