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Are diets the only perceived solution to helping us lose weight?  If diets worked, and were a real and valid solution to overeating, then we would all be our desired weight without the effort, frustration and the constant pre-occupation with food. There is a difference between an established healthy lifestyle, and a diet. The subconscious mind perceives diets as deprivation, and will only give them a limited shelf life.

Hypnotherapy for Weight LossIf only a diet could solve the childhood conditioning we have around food, if only we could change established eating habits and behaviours cultivated over years with sheer will power, if only we could just curb our sweet tooth, if only, if only, if only….. We all have our quirks and fancies, and yet no matter how hard we try, it seems these habits have a strangle hold and we feel powerless to change them. Willpower will suffice momentarily, but with all the best intention in the world, willpower is not sustainable long term, unless we actively engage with the subconscious mind, that all powerful part of us that is running the show behind the scenes of our conscious mind. We need to bring our subconscious in alignment with our conscious intent, otherwise things will remain the same. If only there was an answer, a way to change a lifetime of diet misery, failed attempts and endless disappointments.

The answer is Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and the Virtual Gastric Band, a program designed to change the way we think and feel about food, by transforming our eating habits at a subconscious level. Our inner mind processes 5 billion bits of information per second, compare that to our conscious mind that processes about 25 bits, then we can get things into perspective, we can see that our subconscious is the true powerhouse when it comes to change. If we have negative, old and outdated default programs running on auto pilot in our subconscious regarding overeating, they will remain unless changed through hypnosis, and a program designed specifically for this purpose.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and the Virtual Gastric Band was designed to retrain our subconscious to be satisfied with much smaller amounts of food, and to no longer treat our bodies as a dustbin, all that extra has to go somewhere, and it all just converts to fat and toxins.  With the Virtual Gastric Band, we can start to enjoy food in a new way, and quality rather than quantity. The rewards are immense, and it won’t be long before our subconscious is well and truly on board with our new intent to become healthier and slimmer.  We are no longer being controlled by old habits from the past, but now on track with a new updated program that will keep us ‘safe’ from the effects excess weight has on our bodies and overall health.

I have been helping my clients lose weight with the Virtual Gastric Band for 10 years now. With my vast experience, I co-authored a book entitled “No More Diets” with Sheila Granger, the pioneer of the Virtual Gastric Band program, and can now help even more people attain the healthy weight they desire, by informing them about the infinite potential residing in their subconscious mind to bring about positive, lasting change. Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss can effectively change negative eating habits into health enhancing positive ones. Our subconscious mind just needs to be ‘sold’ on a new, healthy lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and The Virtual Gastric Band, changing the way we think about food and diets, for good!

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