Hypnotherapy for Self- Esteem

What is your level of self-esteem? How do you feel about you?

Innate within our nature is the drive for self-actualization, just like a flower that naturally reaches for its full expression. But if someone cuts that flower off with the intent of sticking it in a vase, it will quickly lose its vitality and life force. Nature did not design flowers to thrive in vases, and we are no different.

Self-esteem is our internal reference point, an integral part of the inner-compass which enables us to navigate our way through life. If we hold ourselves in high regard and believe we are valuable, our lives will reflect value and regard back to us. Life is on our side. When we are functioning with healthy self-esteem, we tend to embrace an optimistic outlook—our glass becomes half-full, where it may once have seemed half-empty. Such a perspective plays a vital role in creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Yet if our internal reference point, our self-esteem, is set on low, our lives begin to show us a very different picture. Reality becomes bleak. Chaos and struggle abound.

As children we were ‘downloaded’ with a set of beliefs by our caregivers, family and teachers—beliefs which became our operating truths, our consequent reality. Each instance of invalidation was internalized. Every trauma, unkind word and abusive action shaped our developing self-esteem.

Self-esteem goes much deeper than confidence. Self-esteem is a core value, so vital that once it is internalized at a healthy level, you would never consider compromising yourself for anything or anyone, be it security, approval or love. It becomes your sense of rootedness, and helps you to know that you can survive nearly anything. Positive self-esteem promotes the qualities of compassion and forgiveness—for self and others.

Your dreams and aspirations do not include possibilities in which you allow yourself to be abused or treated unkindly. As an adult you have a choice about where you go, what you do and who you do it with. Of course, this was not always the case. There may have been moments and episodes in your past where there was no choice. You coped the best way you knew how, but there was a price to pay. It is a price with an on-going debt and that debt is a disconnection to your core sense of self. Some of the ways that debt may now be showing up in your life are fear, shame, addictions, anger, resentment and sadness. It may be showing up in relationships you know to be unhealthy for you, but cannot seem to break. Like a sponge, your subconscious remembers everything that has happened to you. Your entire operating reality, your values and belief system was created from early conditioning and its results may not be ones you particularly like. But you can change them.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to uncover habituated childhood beliefs, allowing you to create more empowering values that will reflect who you truly are, not who you were conditioned to be. Hypnotherapy and Inner Child therapy help you to harness and build internal strength, boundaries and a healthy level of self-esteem, establishing an inner knowing that you are a deserving and valuable human being.

Hypnotherapy for self-esteem creates lasting and significant transformation at the level of the subconscious, facilitating and empowering your right to choose who you are now, how you would like to feel and what you want to create in the future.

Just as our brains remain able to change and grow throughout our lives, the subconscious beliefs that drive our reactions and behaviours can be remade. We can rewire how we think about who we are, and as a result, our lives will change.

As children we didn’t have a choice. Now it is your turn to choose—to more fully be.