Fear: a powerful and debilitating state of being.

Fear: can lock you into a ‘holding pattern’ of procrastination, stifled creativity, control and limitation.

Fear: shuts down and stifles intuition.

Fear: creates a disconnect to the most innately powerful part of ourselves.


Fear. One of my earliest childhood memories was on holiday with my parents in Spain. My dad was trying to show me how to go down the slide into the pool, I was terrified. However, I was more scared of his anger, that was getting progressively worse, as I refused to let go of the side, gripping it tightly with my 6-year-old little fingers. I could see his face getting red and through clenched teeth he hissed at me to let go. Eventually I did, because his temper scared me more than plunging into the pool. I was crying so hard.

A woman came up to him afterwards and said, “Shame on you!” (which my mum disclosed years later) as it had created quite a spectacle.

Fear. There were many memories of a similar nature in my childhood, whereby my dad used physical, verbal and emotional abuse as a way of parenting my sister and me.

My default subconscious download was fear, with a good dose of shame and humiliation in the mix. It was a powerful download that ran my life for many years, creating issues of anxiety, complex PTSD, depression and addictions and a belief system that said ‘I am just not good enough and here’s why……’ I could recite all the things that had happened to me and why I was so unhappy. With all that going on, I literally sleep-walked through life and the only times I felt ‘alive’ was when I consumed alcohol and embarked on drama infused relationships.

Fear. I was stuck in my victim consciousness, a ‘death’ energy and had no idea how to claw my way out. I was so traumatised by my childhood, and subsequent knee jerk reactions to life as I matured, I only knew that if I didn’t do something to help myself, life would swallow me up and spit me out.

Discovery: So, I started to look for help, and that search opened up many interesting doors. The discovery of healing, a fascination with spirituality, the subconscious mind, meditation, energy healing, quantum physics, hypnotherapy and trauma release work. This world became my life and vocation. I consider myself a ‘seeker of truth’ and my favourite words are integrity, honesty, kindness, compassion and empathy. Being on a spiritual path I endeavour to practice them, although on occasion the odd person makes it quite a challenge. I’m sure you can relate to this, and that one person who always like to challenge you in life. There’s always one, right?

Trust in Life, Safety. In my pursuit of healing, my goal was to develop my intuition and develop trust in life. Safety was an unknown concept, as was self-love and self-esteem. There was a lot to heal, but I’m tenacious when I want to be, and not without courage, (or pure bloody mindedness).

Fear had held me back for so many years, I wanted to know who I could become if I allowed myself to trust my intuition, follow my heart and be open to new creative and expansive possibilities. That excited me, staying stuck felt desolate and completely old and boring to be honest.

Ghostly Haunts: Clients come to see me for many different issues, but one of the most popular is weight loss. However, after an initial assessment it becomes increasingly apparent to me that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface for some people. There is a reason for their binge eating, emotional eating and self-destructive habits and behaviours. After 12 years in practice, I have become accustomed to listening to sad stories and sometimes I am in awe of the power of the human spirit to survive such devastation experiences.  I had a client recently (I’ll call her Leila) who had experienced years of horrendous trauma living in a war zone, she was faced with the possibility of death every day for 10 years. Feeling safe was now Leila’s top priority having known only fear and uncertainty. When Leila came to see me, she was completely exhausted, with complex PTSD, it took 3 sessions of The Havening Technique to clear the war trauma and for her to regain her energy.  Healing emotional trauma takes courage, but staying stuck because of fear of the unknown, in my opinion, feels worse.

Healing is not easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. What healing offers though is a new lighter and easier emotional landscape, a way to expand, evolve and grow, rather than exist on autopilot controlled by conditions and ghosts of the past. The past is the fertile ground for fear the thrive and is a construct and a response to emotional trauma. Releasing and healing trauma with Hypnotherapy and The Havening Technique creates space for lighter and brighter emotions to emerge, allowing a new positive perspective, optimism, relief and joy. Those hard to reach ‘feel good’ places that fear will not allow.

If you have read this far in my blog, I know that you have experienced fear and can relate to my story. Let’s have a conversation so I can help you release the fear of the past ….your story can start a new chapter. Email me sandy@sandyrobsonhypnotherapy.co.uk