MAP Trauma Release

The MAP Method – (Make Anything Possible)

Time to Thrive with this Incredible, Powerful Method!
MAP offers a powerful process to overcome all issues safely, in a way that is easy, gentle, immediate, non-traumatising and permanent.
MAP was created specifically to overcome negative emotions, limited beliefs, traumatic memories, and self-sabotaging behaviours.

Challenging Issues and Trauma

If you have spent years trying to release the past and heal, constantly peeling away layers of that onion, and you still can’t find the relief and peace you want, then MAP could be what you are looking for. The MAP technique helps you dissolve limited beliefs, neutralize fears, overcome stress, clear anxiety, alleviate PTSD and stop self-sabotaging behaviours, in its tracks.

Money and Success Blocks

MAP can also alleviate abundance and success blocks, self-defeating money beliefs, and poverty consciousness. These negative beliefs are predispositions, all downloaded before the age of 7, and literally run your life by default, as they are deeply embedded in your unconscious, as you consciously remain unaware, probably wondering why success and wealth eludes you. Those old beliefs simply must go, and MAP gives you the power to do that, and then reinforcing new empowering beliefs, creating a life that truly brings you abundance and joy.

‘We live 95% of our lives driven by subconscious from downloads that we receive before the age of 7, and 70% of those are negative.’ Bruce Lipton Ph.D (The Biology of Belief – Bestselling Book)

Relationships Issues, Emotions and Beliefs

Negative beliefs and emotions around relationships, albeit unworthiness, fear, shame, and self-esteem, set the stage and impact your capacity to participate authentically with those closest to you. Also, embarking on an intimate relationship can bring up a host of issues that are dormant until the other person incites triggers that leave you feeling vulnerable, angry, upset, and insecure. Relationships are your biggest ‘teachers’ in life and illuminates what needs to be addressed from the past. Old childhood beliefs that remain stuck in the unconscious, are the culprit and need to be released to alleviate issues, allowing flow and ease in all your relationships.
Growth is important, but it doesn’t have to be so painful.

Why MAP Works

MAP is a scientifically based method that uses the brains capacity for neuroplasticity to reconsolidate and rewire long-term memories.
Using the MAP Method, the brain can replace the old negative connection with a new one that’s positive and neutral, which leads to immediate changes and transformation in the way you think and behave. It is validated by Neuroscientists to consistently produce amazing positive changes in the brain permanently.

Why Use the MAP Method

MAP is gentle and non-traumatising. It doesn’t require you to remember or relive traumatic memories, all you need to do is close your eyes and observe your internal experience and let your Superconscious mind do the healing, under my instructions and commands. You don’t have to share your memories or tell your stories if you’re uncomfortable, making it very safe, respectful, and non-invasive. MAP is fast too; you can measure your progress every few minutes
It is nice to know that you are the one in control, not me, your higher mind is directing the healing process to completion. It can be done from the comfort of your own home over the internet, or in my office. Remote sessions do not change its effectiveness.
You don’t have to remember any of the traumatic experiences, they can be healed without going into detail. You simply observe your mind and body shifts, it feels magical and empowering to know that you can heal yourself.
The results are long-lasting. Once cleared the memories are rewired and it is permanent.

MAP and Your ‘Superconscious’ Mind – The True Powerhouse for Healing, Clearing and Releasing

The Conscious mind. Thoughts, and memories you are consciously aware of and easily retrievable. This is approximately 5% of your mind.

The Unconscious. This is where all the memories, beliefs, emotions that have been recorded since your conception are kept.

The Subconscious. This creates 95% of your reality, running and controlling your behaviours and thoughts, it runs on autopilot and will do what it is programmed to do, an obedient servant.

The Superconscious. There is the part of your mind unaffected by the drama and trauma of your life, the innate true healer, infinitely wise. It is the superior facet of the mind that has access to both the conscious and unconscious. The Superconscious can find any memory, (after instruction) and neutralize and heal them on command.

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