Healing From Sexual AbuseHave you been sexually abused? Are you stuck in a cycle of pain and despair?

Past traumatic experiences can have devastating effects on our self-esteem, and leave us feeling that we are merely living a shadow of our true potential. These experiences can actually feel as if they define our lives and our sense of self. We might perceive them to be bigger than our lives. This is a perception, and not the absolute truth. We just think it is because we’ve been feeling so bad, trapped in a state of despair for so long that it feels as if this is as good as it gets. Equally this state of being creates a negative chain of thoughts that continually compounds those familiar uncomfortable feelings.

You may believe that some sort of ‘justice’ will set you free, but that is the reasoning of the wounded inner child needing some form of retribution. Justice may always remain elusive and unfortunately you may waste your precious life waiting, happiness on hold. Your happiness is not in the hands of anyone from the past, it is within you waiting to be discovered. An alternative might be to consider the possibility of breaking free from the past, taking charge of your life, your feelings and consequently your thoughts. You may feel like a victim, because you are held in the centre of your despair, but there is always hope, and a new way of being, once your feelings have been acknowledged, processes and released. Feelings are not stronger than who you are at the core of your being, you just think they are, because in this moment they feel so powerful. However these feelings, as dominant as are they seem in the present moment, can be replaced with even more influential feelings of joy, peace and happiness. These are emotions that are in alignment with your heart, your innate being, so once they are experienced, and then these will run your life by default, raising your self esteem and allowing you to create a life that is a true reflection of who you really are. There is so much power in constructing a new set of positive beliefs, as opposed to creating a reality that evolved from another’s dysfunctional behaviour. You are totally justified in your anger and hurt. However devoting your life to this state of being will leave you depressed and unhappy. Inner Child therapy and Hypnotherapy can release these old, negative feelings and beliefs enabling you to move forward with your life, into freedom. The past cannot be changed, but you can change the way you think and feel about it and begin to create a future with a new perspective that’s clear of any old residual pain. It is a profound gift to yourself, raising your level of self esteem and that will be a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of your life.

Changing your feelings will lead to new positive experiences. A true sense of peace evolves, in your subconscious mind and heart and this is the place where you continue to create your reality. That simply has to be the most fulfilling ‘justice’ in the world.