3D interpretation of the brain and subconscious mindEver wondered why it is so difficult to stick to a diet? Why is it that we can start with motivation and determination to lose weight and eat more healthy, only to relinquish resolve after a week or so? When we understand the phenomenal power of the subconscious mind, then we will recognise what a formidable force we are really up really against, when it comes to making important life changes. Let’s be honest, it’s not all about looking good, lifestyle changes are a necessity when it come to well being, happiness and living a long, healthy life.

Did you know that we live 95% of our lives led by the beliefs of the subconscious mind, and that 70% of those are negative and disempowering and do not support our lives in the present moment? Most of our beliefs were downloaded by the age of 7, from people in our immediate environment. Our lives are literally a printout of the programs we received from others. These default subconscious programs are running by default, and will sabotage our best intentions to lose weight, simply because our new conscious intent does not match the old program. Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and the Virtual Gastric Band is designed to address these early subconscious programs, change them for an alternative, one that is in alignment with our conscious intent to live a healthy, long life.

Our Subconscious

The subconscious mind is the true powerhouse when it comes to making significant changes and living a happy, satisfying and fulfilling life. Our subconscious processes 4 billion bits of information per second, whereas our conscious mind processes 40 bits of information per second. If we program the inner mind, it will lead us to our destination as we re-write the software of our mind, effectively changing the printout of our experience, which is permanent weight loss and a healthy relationship with food.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss with the Virtual Gastric Band is designed to ‘sell’ our subconscious mind a new relationship with food, it learns in 2 fundamental ways, through hypnosis and habituation, which is ‘super learning.’ The conscious mind relies on reason, willpower, positive thinking and motivation to create change, which is like pushing a golf ball up a hill with our nose! Super learning, through repetition recognises the fundamental truth that our inner mind will do, whatever we tell it to do. It is like an obedient child and doesn’t discern, it just needs to know that whatever it is being sold is for our highest and best interest, will keep us safe and ensure longevity. At first it may resist, (try taking a comfort blanket from a child) but with repetition and persistence, it will internalise our weight loss message and we can go about the important business of shopping for a new pair of jeans. Joking aside, if we are struggling with obesity, then it may well save our lives.

Break the Cycle

Diets do not work because they communicate deprivation and starvation to our subconscious, which contradicts its role in keeping us alive and well (die-t), it will put up with a diet for a week or two, then the inevitable sabotage sets in, and we are left feeling like failure, yet again. In reality the only aspect we have failed in is that we were uninformed of the all encompassing power of our subconscious! We need to break the cycle, update our software, and get our inner mind in total alignment with our conscious intent to lose weight. It is effectively like having two minds working in harmony for our health, wellness, happiness and longevity.

Now is the time to put our health at the forefront on our lives with Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and the Virtual Gastric Band, permanent change is possible.