TrainingI am fully licensed by Sheila Granger, the Virtual Gastric Band pioneer, to offer accredited training to professional therapists.

I have seen many clients in my Harley Street practice for weight loss, but nothing has worked as effectively as the Virtual Gastric Band, it has transformed my business. The program had undergone clinical trials to prove its effectiveness, with an impressive 95% success rate, it offers a long term solution to weight loss issues.

Most of my clients have tried every diet under the sun before they come to see me; they are stuck, caught in a relentless pattern of yo-yo dieting. Not only that, they are disillusioned, frustrated and unhappy. The Virtual Gastric Band offers a way out, a viable option. It is a step by step structured program to help clients change an old paradigm for a new one, by changing a mind-set. We can help our clients achieve their weight loss goals within specific guidelines that communicate to the subconscious the validity of a slimmer body. I say slimmer, and not ‘skinny or thin.’ Many of my clients totally rebel against the standards set by the fashion industry; they want to be a size 12, or 14. Also they want to feel a natural sense of control around food, make healthy choices with ease, to feel connected to their bodies, and know they have the tools and support to move forward, a step that can literally save their lives. The Virtual Gastric Band offers hope and a framework that will give clients the long term results that they so rightly deserve, something that the diet industry was never able to offer.

I am conducting “Bespoke Virtual Gastric Band Training” for professionals who would like to offer it to their weight loss clients. I can do one to one single day trainings at my Harley Street Office (I’m part of Zoe Clews and Associates). The office would accommodate three people at the most. By offering the training from our associate’s office, I can adjust times to suit you. So for instance, if an afternoon into evening session is more convenient, or two early morning sessions, then that can be arranged. Days available are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The added bonus for this type of training, is the reduced cost.

Please email me for further details.