Girl waving tape measure after virtual gastric band weight lossOne of the things that I say to my clients on a regular basis is “The better you feel, the better it gets, and the better it gets, the better you feel.” The reason I continuously sound like a parrot is because it’s true!

When people come to see me to lose weight, seldom do they bounce through the door happy, vibrant and full of energy. They come depressed, unhappy, low in energy and generally deflated. They have tried every diet under the sun, only to feel let down yet again that the latest fad didn’t produce the miraculous results they had hoped for.

When we are overweight, we generally don’t feel good about ourselves; we are constantly reminded throughout our daily lives that we are overweight, every time we look in the mirror, or feel our clothes getting tighter and tighter. We know overeating is wrong but for some reason we are unable to stop precisely doing that thing we do, that makes us miserable. We are sitting on the sidelines of our lives, wanting more happiness, wellness and health, but have no idea how we are going to turn things around.

Frustration and despair are familiar feelings, and these feelings are only momentarily anaesthetised with yet more food and alcohol. The relentless cycle continues, as that fleeting ‘fix’ wears off and we are left feeling even worse. On and on it goes. The only way to break the cycle is to liaise with the subconscious mind and convince it that changing those habits is essential, an absolute necessity. We need to change the way we think and feel about food, once and for all.

Unless we can extract ourselves from that horrendous cycle, we are doomed to failure. Where our health is concerned, failure really is not an option. Believe me, there is hope, there is a way to get off that hamster wheel. The solution is The Virtual Gastric Band.

With the Virtual Gastric Band Programme we can re-train the mind to expect and be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. The great thing is that we are not ‘on a diet’ but on a healthy eating regime. We are changing habits, and once those are changed we will never get back on that wheel again. At last, with every pound of body weight that is lost, we regain our vitality, health and most importantly, that ‘feel good’ factor. This is then reflected in our external reality.

Once we feel good on the inside, the Universe responds to those positive feelings and we find that other areas of our lives start to improve too. It is in fact, the Law of Attraction at work. Not only do we look lighter, but we feel lighter. The more those high vibration feelings increase, the easier weight loss becomes, simply because we’re encouraged, energised, excited and optimistic, and this becomes our point of attraction. The better we feel the better it gets! We know that nothing will get in our way, nothing will ever entice us to go back to the despair we once felt. Life is all about feeling good and to reach that state of being, all that is needed is to change those old habits into new ones, a new ‘mind set.’ We may believe that change is a huge task, but habits are easily transformed.

The Virtual Gastric Band has undergone clinical trials and offers a long term solution to our weight loss issues, a solution that allows us to feel in control and achieve the freedom that we all deserve.

Feeling good is easy with the Virtual Gastric Band.