Virtual Gastric BandI think we have all been on a diet at some point in our lives. Many people come to see me after they have literally tried every diet under the sun, only to feel let down and disappointed yet again that the latest fad didn’t work for them.

In fact, diets can have the opposite desired effect, communicating to our subconscious starvation and deprivation, causing resistance and leading to the inevitable sabotage. We turn that disappointment into an excuse to overeat even more, retreating to food for solace, deciding we might as well give up the hope altogether of nothing ever changing. However, in doing so we may well be putting our health at risk and that is not up for negotiation. We consciously know this, but there is that huge aspect of ourselves that needs to be in agreement that overeating is not an option, the subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind has absorbed all of our past data over many years like an obedient robot, and we are acting accordingly, often even surprising ourselves that we are unable to stop doing ‘that thing we do’ that makes us put on the pounds. Oh the frustration! In my practice, I hear familiar comments constantly “I just can’t help myself” or “I feel helpless, it is like something takes over my mind.” Well, that ‘something’ is undoubtedly our subconscious mind and Hypnotherapy is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to re-negotiation and creating new ‘commands’ that get us the positive results that make us feel good and feel in control.

Yes, there is hope, I kid you not! One of the most successful techniques of hypnotic negotiation for weight loss is the Virtual Gastric Band. This specific approach convinces our subconscious mind that we have a band fitted to our stomach, limiting significantly the amount of food that we can eat. Allowing us to feel a natural sense of control and a ‘steadiness’ whereby we no longer have to dread those out of control, overeating relapses that loomed over us in the past.

Just imagine what it would feel like to put all those behaviours, beliefs and uncomfortable feelings firmly in the past, close the door and throw away the key, forever. Now in the present, fully embracing a new way of being, a new you, feeling a natural sense of control no matter where you are and no matter what you’re doing. We all deserve to feel good; we all deserve to be healthy and happy. The Virtual Gastric Band offers a 95% success rate, having undergone clinical trials, to offer a long term solution to our weight loss issues.