Sugar, Donuts and SweetsWhat does it feel like to be in control of our eating habits? Well, we all know what it feels like to be out of control, it is that place that we have become very familiar with and we know the terrain like the back of our hand. Of course there is a price to pay for over indulgence and it’s just not the extra pounds piling onto our bodies, it’s also the utter despair we feel when we look in the mirror. The guilt, disgust, disappointment and that underlying feeling something deep inside us is somehow running the show and sabotaging our best efforts. We are in fact being held captive by the power of the subconscious mind.

If we are solely trying to change the habits of a lifetime, purely from a conscious ‘will power’ perspective, then we might as well remove ourselves from the real world and live on an island somewhere. It is easier to master Caruso’s fishing skills and live off the land than it is to control our eating habits. Temptations are everywhere and our subconscious mind will continue to prompt us with those familiar impulses that translate into sugar cravings until we give in. We are powerless, as we stuff a cream cake into our mouth, all the while stating ‘I just can’t help myself, really I can’t.’ Even though this sounds like a ‘cop out’ it is in fact a very true statement. We really are rendered helpless in the face of the all too powerful subconscious mind and anything that contradicts or opposes those early formative programs will be discarded and put in the dustbin, basically where that cream cake belongs. Our subconscious mind processes 4 billion bits of information per second, yes 4 BILLION! Compare that to our conscious mind which just about manages 40 bits of information per second, the picture is becoming crystal clear. Suffice is to say that we might want to seriously consider making our subconscious mind our best friend or it will be our worst enemy, rather like having David and Goliath waging a constant internal war. Meanwhile, as far as Goliath is concerned, it is doing a splendid job, obediently carrying out previous instructions, indifferent and detached to our tumultuous emotions regarding our eating habits.

Just like a computer, our inner mind will churn out data from software that was installed many years earlier and will ignore any emotional drama we create around our powerlessness to take the reins and harness control. It simply doesn’t know any different and is responding to downloads that were installed before the age of 7. We actually live 95 per cent of our lives from these early programs and 70 per cent of those were negative. Obviously with no conscious discernment as children, we were in a pure ‘theta’ hypnotic state, soaking up like a sponge the good, bad and the fattening. Other people’s beliefs about food became ours and it is those beliefs that need to be changed if we are to enjoy the immense satisfaction gleaned from being in a state of control around those challenging foods, particularly sugar. We are then able to transform those really devastating negative feelings of disappointment and guilt into relief, joy and excitement.

Hypnotherapy for sugar cravings will alleviate all those habits and behaviours that have been running the show for far too long. We can take back control and in doing so, we will make our subconscious mind our best friend, as we instruct it to carry out new instructions on our behalf that serve our conscious intent to be fit, healthy and always in control. Once those new habits have been formed, then occasionally we can eat something as a treat, but the difference is we remain in control, the sugar is no longer controlling us, a distinct and vitally important difference. This new feeling of control will bring us immense joy as we move forward with the knowledge that we are never to return to those challenging feelings of the past, the fad diets and the addiction to sweets, cakes, chocolate and drinks. What a relief it would be to stop the self condemnation, to finally have our subconscious mind on our side working on our behalf towards our weight loss goals, conscious and subconscious mind in agreement!

Hypnotherapy for sugar cravings, become a master of control.

This is your life, live it to the fullest.