Subconscious Saboteur - The Virtual Gastric BandWe all know what it is like to start out on a diet with the best intentions in the world, only to stop a week later. We might even persevere for a month, convinced that this time around we are going to reach our weight loss goals; in fact we are so resolute that we declare our intentions to our friends and family. Then one day we just stop, that’s it, we’ve had enough and plunge into chocolate heaven. It feels like night and day, there we were flying the flag for perseverance and in the next moment we are throwing in the towel. Where did our discipline and determination go? Well, it didn’t go anywhere; our subconscious mind decided it was time to release ‘The Saboteur.’ Our lofty conscious efforts were contradicting the beliefs and the agenda of our subconscious mind, and that will create a stalemate. This part of our mind is the true powerhouse when it comes to lasting and significant change, so if our subconscious has decided that dieting requires too much effort, or means starvation, then we might us well forget it. To our inner mind deprivation is no fun at all. So there we are, back at the starting post, feeling disappointed and frustrated yet again. Of course, until the next fad comes along, and we step on the bandwagon once more, convinced this one will be the magic bullet. Unfortunately it never is.

When we set out to lose weight, we are making that decision with our conscious mind. With all the conscious will in the world, if our subconscious mind is not on board when it comes to our weight loss aspirations, then we are wasting our time, energy and money. Our subconscious will be momentarily appeased, but eventually we will be met with resistance and fear. Its job is to keep us safe and make sure we survive, so unless our inner mind is convinced that we are not going to do something silly and starve ourselves, then rest assured it will fight the good fight on our behalf, and believe it is doing an outstanding job. This is where negotiation is needed of a specific kind, bearing in mind that when we are communicating with the subconscious it is reminiscent of having a conversation with a nine year old. Imagine, trying to convince a nine year old child to offer up their favourite teddy bear. Initially we will experience resistance, even the odd tantrum, but eventually with the right combination of tonality, reasoning, intervention and patience, the objective is accomplished and the teddy is surrendered. One way to get the subconscious mind to stop resisting our weight loss objective is with the Virtual Gastric Band.

The Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band will convince our subconscious mind that our stomach has shrunk to the size of a golf ball. So, our body will be regulating the amount of food intake, and the Saboteur will not get fearful that we are being starved. Instead, our bodies will start to trust that we are eating sufficient amounts of healthy food to nourish and sustain our lives. With the Virtual Gastric Band we will not actually be on a diet, but on a healthy eating regime and will still lose weight, whilst at the same time, feeling that wonderful natural sense of control and ease. Just imagine what it will feel like to have a new relationship with food and never having to endure another fad diet, with all the disappointment that follows? We will eat smaller portions and feel totally satisfied. Overeating will be a thing of the past. Eating healthily, consciously and moderately as we lose weight will be our new ‘conscious’ intent, and this time our Saboteur will be on our side, because there is no external threat to our survival.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a long term solution to our weight loss issues.