Hypnotherapy and the Virtual Gastric Band

Woman in armchair with vegetablesDid you know that we live 95% of our lives driven by programs that were downloaded before the age of 7, and 70% of those are negative? If you have been on the hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting for years, unable to attain your desired weight, then most likely you have a default program running on autopilot that is running the show. Unfortunately, this program will continue unless your inner mind receives new, updated instructions, that are in alignment with your conscious intent to get healthy.

Would you like to lose weight in 2019, but can’t bear the idea of another fad diet?

With all the best intentions in the world, diets do not work for everyone, simply because they communicate to your subconscious mind that you are going to be deprived and experience hunger. Not fun! You’ve been there, excited about the new diet, only to buckle a week or two later, feeling life a failure at your so-called lack of discipline. Well, you didn’t ‘fail’ you just neglected to inform your subconscious mind that eating healthy, nutritious food was for your highest and best interest. In Fact this was your First Attempt In Learning.

What if you could reset your default program with the help of Hypnotherapy and the Virtual Gastric Band?

This is not another fad diet. The Virtual Gastric Band is a program designed to change how you think and feel about food. It retrains your subconscious mind to be satisfied on much smaller amounts of food and gives you a new sense of control and a new relationship with food that leads to an overall healthier lifestyle.

With the Virtual Gastric Band you don’t need to rely entirely on willpower for weight loss, this is where hypnosis comes in, it can cut through the resistance and override the pain of the past memories and experiences, because it by-passes the gatekeepers of the conscious mind, the logical part of you.

Hypnotherapy and the Virtual Gastric Band offers you a solution to your weight loss goals.

This is your life, live it healthy, live it happy!