Reprogram Your SubconsciousDid you know that we live 95% of our lives led by the beliefs of the Subconscious mind? More alarming is that 70% of those beliefs are negative and disempowering and lead to self-sabotage. Most of our beliefs are acquired from other people in the first 7 years of our lives, when we are at our most receptive and open, we are in fact in a state of hypnosis, constantly downloading all sorts of behaviours and attitudes from people in our immediate environment (Scientifically researched by Bruce Lipton PhD in his book Biology of Belief). Obviously being so young our conscious mind has not developed enough to discern and filter, so we absorb the good, bad and ugly like sponges, soaking up and filing it away in the archives to be used for better or worse later on in life.

These early programmes become our default setting and we go through life innocently oblivious to the fact that they are running in the background, contradicting and resisting our well meaning intentions to create a life that brings us peace, happiness, love and a healthy, slim body. In fact, the only way to override these beliefs is through direct communication with the subconscious using hypnosis, as we literally instruct and convince our inner mind of the ‘benefits’ that changing our beliefs will bring to the entirety of our being and our lives. The subconscious needs to know that the new beliefs are more life enhancing, create safety and offer happiness, than the ones passed on from our caregivers. The purpose of our subconscious is to ensure and maintain our survival and happiness, get on board that bandwagon and change is not far off.

The most powerful thing we can do to take charge over our life is to work on changing our beliefs into more positive ones. What are the particular beliefs that hold us back? We need to take a hard look at our lives and shine the spot light on what is not working; it could be that one thing that no matter how hard we have tried to change it over the years, we always fall short. It could be losing weight and then, the most challenging of all, maintaining that weight loss. If we received messages early on in life about deprivation, scarcity and lack, that programming will filter into our lives and have damaging repercussions. For instance, trying to eat healthy and reach our target weight is particularly difficult if we have been told by our parents constantly to “eat everything on your plate, because there are starving children in the world”.

Many of my clients come to see me deflated after trying every fad diet under the sun. They have no idea that their subconscious early programming is sabotaging them every step of the way. If your subconscious doesn’t believe it’s safe to lose weight, because food has been your ‘go to’ place for comfort since childhood, then with all the conscious will in the world, it is not going to relinquish control. Game over. Your Subconscious has no concept of linear time, and will continue to run a default program as if it was downloaded yesterday. It is extremely frustrating and exhausting, if you continually rely on the latest fad diet and the conscious mind to fix your weight issue, a process that really can only be done at a core level.

After too many years of hitting a brick wall, it is now time to re-write negative past conditioning. The most powerful thing we can do to take some charge over our life is to work on transforming our past beliefs into more positive, life enhancing ones that are in alignment with our conscious wishes and desires. Hypnotherapy for weight loss and hypnotherapy for self esteem are powerful tools that make permanent and lasting effective change at a deep subconscious level, disabling old programs for good and enabling new ones that bring our hearts desire.