Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny FeelsI think most of us have heard this quote, but is it true? What really feels better, eating something totally mouth wateringly delicious, or looking in the mirror and feeling a deep sense of satisfaction as we declare to ourselves “Yep, looking gorgeous!” Consequently when we walk out the door to face the world, we know we have the ‘wow’ factor. Not in terms of a stereotypical ideal of beauty, but that incredible sense of inner confidence and stability that emanates from deep within, we look and feel amazing, and that is all that matters. We can even look as all those impossibly skinny models that are dangled under our noses constantly, bodies that have been sculpted by an air brush or photo shop and we do not waver, we are not remotely interested in comparing ourselves. We are in love, totally and completely with yours truly, and why not? Why would we want to be like anyone else, when all we really want deep down is to be more of who we are? Comparing is futile, what we are actually doing is comparing ourselves to an ‘illusion’ and it leaves us feeling empty and never quite good enough. This creates an emotional turmoil, and this is what those clever advertisers rely on and unless we are relatively self aware, we buy into the hype blindly.

However there is a distinct difference between enjoying the taste of food, and eating obsessively. As the quote implies, we can have food, or we can be skinny, it is one or the other but we can’t have both. This creates a challenging dilemma, an on-going inner conflict. Why can’t we have both? Why can’t we enjoy the taste of food and be slim at the same time? It really boils down to balance and moderation, which in many cases is challenging. The main issue here is to discover our motivations; are we eating because of ‘head hunger’? If we eat on automatic pilot, and literally can’t stop, then this usually means that we are trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings, such as anger, sadness, hurt or fear. Food is an instant soother, and it’s usually those fattening foods that are particularly appealing, offering that momentary fix. Our emotions do not crave fruits and vegetables!

Once we are able to discern that our overeating, binging and boredom eating, are all emotionally related then we can challenge those destructive and unhealthy habits and behaviours and allow ourselves the space to feel and process what is going on for us. With Hypnotherapy for weight loss, we are able to address those underlying issues that created the ‘head hunger’ and then let them go. We then lose the emotional attachment to those fattening foods, and eat because our bodies need nourishment, rather than blindly follow the dictates of our emotions. This gives us a natural sense of control around food, so we can then eat in moderation, enjoying the taste of the food, but not eating excessively. So, instead of eating a whole pizza, a slice will suffice. Yes, ‘skinny’ does feel good, but eating in moderation, with a watchful, responsible eye on our health and feeling our feelings, feels even better.