My New Life - Chapter 1As a professional Hypnotherapist it goes without saying that I am totally convinced about the power of the subconscious mind when it comes to making permanent and lasting change. In my practice I have witnessed remarkable changes in my clients, as they release years of negative beliefs and behaviours that have been running their lives by default.

You see, the subconscious believes it has been doing an outstanding job in keeping us safe, by creating issues, such as Phobia’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’s or Overeating Eating, responses that were usually a direct response to childhood neglect or abuse. Unfortunately, what our subconscious doesn’t realize is that the threat has gone, since we are considerably older and have moved on in life, but it is carrying on regardless of the distress it is causing us.

A huge drawback to childhood trauma is that it leaves us with low self esteem and this is a state of being that does not enhance our lives at all, especially if we want a better one. In fact having a low self esteem perpetuates some densely negative and uncomfortable feelings, creating a ‘victim consciousness’ that invites the Universe to push us around. The Law of Attraction plays a significant role here and will draw people, situations, and experiences into our lives that are of the same low energetic vibration with as much accuracy as a Swiss clock. It cannot do otherwise. We are then left wondering why we are unable to create the life of our dreams. When we are mired in low vibration negative feelings and thoughts, the Law of Attraction responds obediently, and without any sense of humour or compassion, so even complaining about it only drives the message home harder.

We remain in a frustrating ‘holding pattern,’ and unless something changes internally, we will remain in that place regardless of our conscious intent to change. Declaring ‘same old story, different day’ pummels us down with its miserable message and defeatist mentality. Conversely, as much as we can create a dismal reality, it is absolutely within our power to create its opposite.

Actually, I believe that hitting a wall, is sometimes not such a bad thing, simply because blinkered and steadfast determination is borne from painful stories, there comes a time when we are utterly and completely fed up being a victim to circumstance. Uncomfortable, negative conditions contain at their core, infinite potential – a diamond in the rough. It is simply a matter of perspective. So if our past story emanates from a low self esteem, it really is time to talk about a new story and one that contains the seeds of happiness. Nothing else will do.

Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem is a lifesaver, quite literally. Simply because high levels of self esteem correlates with self value, innate worthiness and positive expectation, a state of inner being that will attract wonderful results. When we expect life to turn out well, and there is nothing hindering us from the past, it does. The Law of Attraction obediently responds favourable to our updated subconscious mind and new positive vibration. Once we process and clear years of negativity from our subconscious, we are then able to move into more pleasing and satisfying feelings, that in turn send out an entirely different and ultimately rewarding message to the Universe.

Not only are we talking a different story entirely, we are living it to the full, together with a new sense of trust that life is on our side. We relax and we feel liberated. Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem arms you with the resources to write a new story – one that you truly deserve.