Girl Eating Cake Wanting Virtual Gastric BandThere are millions of people in the world that suffer from obesity and excessive weight and there is not any doubt that losing this extra weight can seem like a monumental task, especially if we have struggled for years. Though there are number of ways in which we can lose weight, such as crash diets, fad diets, fasting, excessive exercise or even a surgical Gastric Band operation. Some of these options might not appeal and can feel quite drastic. However if we continue to suffer from excess weight, there comes a time when we are confronted with the challenging dilemma of what to do in order to take control of our health and wellbeing. When all those other options have exhausted us, it may be time to choose a painless and affordable weight loss therapy that has a remarkable 95% success rate, and that is the Virtual Gastric Band.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical, safe technique that allows us to shed those extra kilos from our body by utilizing the power of the sub-conscious mind. No more binging, overeating and craving those fattening foods that rendered us helpless in the past. The Virtual Gastric Band uses hypnosis – the most powerful tool for convincing the subconscious mind that eating small amounts of food is sufficient to give us that contented, full experience, without any feelings of deprivation. Just imagine what it will feel like to have a totally natural sense of control.

The use of hypnotherapy for weight loss has garnered positive results and testimonials from hundreds of people. There are number of benefits that the Virtual Gastric Band offers:

1 No more unrealistic diets that leave us disappointed and disillusioned. In fact, this method doesn’t require ‘dieting’ at all! We can indulge in our favorite foods but in smaller portions, due to the fact that our subconscious mind has been convinced that our stomach is now the size of a golf ball.

2 Hypnotherapy has a very soothing and relaxing effect on our mind, making our weight loss goals easy, effective and long term. This is a complete turnaround from our past experience of losing weight, when it was so difficult! That’s right; it doesn’t have to be so hard.

3 Many of us go and see a hypnotherapist as a last resort, when everything else has failed. There is a very valid reason for this failure; the subconscious mind was not in agreement with our conscious aspirations to lose weight. Willpower has a definite time limit, unless there are other serious reasons for us to lose weight and the motivation is therefore maintained. The subconscious is the true powerhouse when it comes to permanent, lasting change.

4 The Virtual Gastric Band offers a long term solution to our weight loss issues, whatever they may be. We do not need large portions of food to survive, but small, regular amounts of healthy nutritious food that ultimately allows us to thrive. We will feel satisfied on those small amounts of food, discovering a new level of wellness, vitality and health that we never believed existed!

Now is your time to discover the potential of your subconscious mind, to allow that slim, healthy, vibrant you to take centre stage in your life. No more excuses. Say ‘yes’ and live the life that you truly deserve.