Inner-HarmonyWhen some of us look at the world, all we see is chaos, unkindness, cruelty and disharmony.  We only have to turn on the news to get that almost guaranteed sense of hopelessness, eventually if we care enough about how we feel, we may choose not to watch the endless stream of negativity.  We can choose to turn on the TV and ‘tune in’, or not.

However, that is not so easy when there is disharmony within. Tuning out, and ignoring our inner conflicts will not make them go away. That light hearted story at the end of the 10 o clock news that is neatly inserted to create some sort of balance, does not apply here. We may try and create our own anecdote to alleviate the uncomfortable and challenging reality of our inner-world, but the truth is there is nothing in the outer world that will create harmony within, unless we are ready to make space for change.

I see many people in my practice and the majority of my clients all say basically the same thing directly or indirectly, “I just want to be happy, peaceful, relaxed, not stressed, calm, less anxious,” the same request can be said many different ways, but it really all gets down to the same thing, we all want to feel good. To feel good, is about creating inner-harmony, creating ease and comfort within, which is a pretty tall order for many of us, when in reality we feel the polar opposite.  Once our feelings get stuck in a loop of negativity, our thoughts follow, and we literally exist in a life that we feel is not what we want at all! It is hard to know how to jump off the hamster wheel. However, it is absolutely possible, and it is done through making contact and working with the subconscious mind.

Our core beliefs are stored in the subconscious; everything we have ever experienced has been neatly and methodically filed away. Let me illustrate the tremendous power of the subconscious mind. Have you ever experienced spontaneous regression? Have you at some point had one of those moments when you are happily going about your day, and then in one random moment you smell someone’s perfume, or aftershave, and you are almost instantaneously transported back to a relationship from years ago? Maybe you have not thought of that person in years, and suddenly there you are, completely absorbed in memories that were in your opinion, dormant and laid to rest. There is no discernment between the types of information our subconscious records, it is obedient and accepts everything as the absolute truth, whether we are aware or not. No wonder we have inner disharmony. After all we are grown adults, with the experience and intelligence that has taken us years to cultivate.

However there may be occasions where we behave in an ‘unreasonable’ way, leaving ourselves and those around us somewhat confused.  Hypnotherapy and Inner Child Therapy is an effective way to establish peace within, by negotiating with the subconscious and updating our beliefs, deleting some that no longer serve our adult selves and creating new ones that are in line with who we are and where we want to go in life. Once those old, unhelpful beliefs are transformed, then we will naturally start to feel inner-harmony, and also come to realise that maintaining that feeling is paramount of our overall sense of well-being.