Success and failure sign for weight lossLet’s Get This Show on the Road!

What road have you been travelling along when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off? Is it the road of fad diets, emotional eating, binge eating and sugar/salt/carb addiction? Have you been on the same old boring highway for years, and simply cannot find the right exit? It can seem like a never ending road from hell, a journey that has gained so much momentum that you simply believe that there is no hope, this is as good as it gets. With each failed diet attempt, together with the feelings of frustration and disappointment, you may feel that you are stuck on that dreaded road that leads absolutely nowhere!

But what if there is another way, an altogether different road to take that leads to a new highway, one with actual potential and success? Well there is, and it is Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss with the Virtual Gastric Band.

New Journey

What is needed to embark on a new journey is getting your subconscious mind in on the action. Trying to lose weight purely by conscious intent and will power will always fail, simply because the subconscious does not like change, and feels it is doing a great job maintaining the excess weight. This part of your mind doesn’t discern between right or wrong, wanted or unwanted, it merely responds to early programs as if they happened yesterday, with emotional detachment. It is totally indifferent to your frustration, disappointment, disillusionment and depression.

Subconscious Sabatage

The reason why so many fad diets fail is because the subconscious will sabotage your best efforts every time, if what you’re doing does not match its default program. Your subconscious was downloaded with a set of beliefs, habits and behaviours years earlier, and this has become your default setting, a dead-end road, and will remain so unless it receives an update. Your all powerful brilliant inner mind, needs reprogramming, it needs to know and accept, that what you are selling it is for your highest and best interest. Of course, living a healthy lifestyle, being happy and vibrant, is totally the right road to take.

With Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and the Virtual Gastric Band, you can start a journey to success.