Sexual Abuse Sufferer Looking HopelessWhen we experience the trauma of sexual abuse and rape we are left with some really difficult and challenging feelings to process. We may plummet into a sense of hopelessness, as anger, shame, humiliation, indignation and despair take up residence in our being. For a time, we might close down, live in denial or we might try and numb out with alcohol, legal and illegal drugs. We will find a way to cope, in the best way we know and that is, without doubt, totally understandable.

How do we start to process and deal with such a vast array of awful emotions? How do we move forward? Remaining numb is an option, but it will start to have consequences, affecting our self esteem, our health and general outlook. We may lose hope that there is any joy left in life, falling prey to the heavy density that these feelings emit. They can start to feel like ‘reality’ when in fact, they are part of the ‘lie’ that was installed in us the moment we were abused. Perpetrators create the lies, and our subconscious believes that the way they treated us, is the truth of who we are, when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

If we continue to remain closed down and frightened to open up ‘Pandora’s Box’ then we are creating fertile ground for those feelings to fester, creating an inner reality that feels really uncomfortable. We are still, in effect, allowing the past to control us. When do we take hold of the reigns and put our well-being at the forefront of our lives?

Shame is a feeling that eclipses all others. Shame will seek out experiences and people of the same low energetic vibration, dictating that we create an unfulfilling life that could be potentially damaging. If we give into shame, we can lose who we truly are. Shame is insidious and toxic, and needs to be processed and eliminated from our body, mind and soul.

Hypnotherapy for sexual abuse and Inner Child work is a powerful way to unlock Pandora’s Box and start clearing out those dense emotions, one by one. Obviously this is not a quick fix but takes time and consistency, a course of action that will reap immense dividends, as we regain hope and our self esteem soars. When this process gains momentum, we are able to let the past go and move forward, ultimately feeling positive, confident and joyful. We may even discover that we no longer think about our traumatic experiences, or if we do there is no emotional charge, as we focus our minds on the good in our lives and what we want to create for our future. Once those feelings are acknowledged and processed they will no longer influence us, and the relief is fantastic.

We have the power within us to transform darkness, into light – trading stones for diamonds, so to speak. Stones weigh us down; people from the past weigh us down. We have a choice in this moment about how we allow ‘them’ to take up residence in our lives – how many days, months and years? Or we can decide that our well-being, joy and freedom is infinitely more important and in doing so, we will close the door on shame, anger and resentment. We will shine like diamonds, knowing we have touched the centre of our pain, we have experienced darkness, and now there is only one way to go.

We can openly embrace the fact that the worst part is over.