Slim Lady On The BeachOh yes, sunny days are just around the corner. Life seems to take on new meaning when the sun shines. We feel better, it’s easy to wake up early, we naturally want to be out more and we want to wear bright clothes (and less of them). However, for some of us the idea of actually wearing less and revealing more of our body can simply fill us with dread.

We spend all winter lulled into a temporary sense of safety as we cover up with big baggy sweaters and loose fitting trousers or comfy leggings. Come Spring we start wondering what we are actually going to wear when the warmer days arrive as we contemplate the inevitable transition.


What is the solution? Well why not consider Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss with the Virtual Gastric Band. There is still time to drop a dress size or two by the time summer is in full swing. If weight loss has been an on-going issue and fad diets have lost their appeal, then it is time to address the subconscious mind to make some powerful and permanent changes.

The subconscious mind is the only true powerhouse when it comes to making permanent and lasting change, once our inner mind is on board with our intent to lose weight, then we are well on the way to a new relationship with food, ourselves and our bodies.

Conscious intent

Our subconscious mind has no awareness of our conscious intent to lose weight; its only concern is to carry on in the same way, determinedly responding to old programs that were downloaded years ago. This default setting will remain firmly entrenched unless it receives an updated and better alternative.

As a hypnotherapist, it is my task to convince our subconscious that a new, healthy lifestyle is for our highest and best interest. The point is that our subconscious mind is responding to past events, as if they actually occurred yesterday and has no idea about linear time. It does not know that as mature adults we would welcome change that is relative to our lives in this moment. Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and the Virtual Gastric Band will reprogram the subconscious, effectively ‘selling’ it an upgraded and life changing healthy alternative.

Powerful changes

Trying to make powerful changes with the conscious mind is like pushing a golf ball up a hill with our nose! Our subconscious will allow our attempts for a short period of time, but if those changes oppose our original default program, then it will sabotage our best efforts each and every time, leaving us feeling deflated, frustrated and still overweight!

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss will change our subconscious programs, establishing new foundations that allow for ultimate health, vitality and a slim summer body. No more hiding our bodies behind big, baggy sweaters!

This is your life, live it to the fullest.