Girl Jumping On The Beach Feeling Good In Her SkinWe’ve all been there, holiday season is approaching and all we can think about is the prospect of getting into that bikini or swimsuit. Does it fill you with dread? Does the mere thought of it have you reaching for a comfort snack? Unfortunately, the more stressed and uncomfortable we feel, the easier it is to forget our resolve not to do that thing we do, that has caused us to pack on the pounds in the first place. During the winter months we have become experts at hiding our bodies behind layers of clothes, but in the summer there is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. I had a client recently who said something that really hit a chord and that was “I just want to feel good in my skin, to hit the beach and just feel good.” I’ve seen many clients with eating and body issues, but this is the first time that I have heard a client express her weight issue in this particular way. If only we could just ‘choose’ to feel good in our skin, if it was just as simple as making a decision. Well, that’s part of it and a good place to start. The other part is convincing our subconscious that this should be our default setting.

Hypnotherapy and The Virtual Gastric Band is a real game changer when it comes to creating a completely new mind set around food. I often say to my clients “What if I could help you lose weight slowly and steadily without being on a diet, would that interest you?” Funnily enough I’ve never had anyone say “No that would not interest me at all!” Everyone has a positive response. Simply because virtually everyone that comes to see me has been on one diet or another, and know that in the long term they do not work. With the Virtual Gastric Band we are creating a completely new mind set and a set of healthy eating habits that replace those past ones that have held us captive, causing untold stress, disappointment and frustration for too many years. Trying to change those old habits and behaviours with just our conscious intent is extremely hard, albeit impossible, rather like pushing a golf ball up a hill with our nose. Hard work! I believe there is a much easier way, and the Virtual Gastric Band is the solution, and if a beach holiday is looming, there is no better time.

A recent client testimonial.
Sandy is a remarkable person and professional. I have worked with and consulted quite a few counsellors and hypnotherapists before meeting her, however never have I met someone who offers such an effective balance of practical, emotional and emphatic support. Her understanding of applying the most effective method and saying the right thing at the right time has helped me regain control of not only my eating habits but also my confidence and self-assurance in other areas of my life. I have dropped a size after only 6 weeks since we started the Virtual Gastric Band therapy and am facing life with renewed enthusiasm after many years of difficult experiences.
As a professional coach and mentor I know about supporting others through changes and the impact that one special person can have on people. I cannot recommend her highly enough and if you’re not sure – just have one session with Sandy and you will discover the wonderful benefits for yourself.
Jennifer – Learning, Development & Career Management Consultant