Emotional and Physical AbuseDo you have a wounded Inner Child? Were you victimized as a child?

If we experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse in our early years then unfortunately having a wounded Inner Child is quite unavoidable. We may look and act like adults in so many ways, but underneath there is an Inner Child that is running our lives by default, and the repercussions of that may not be to our liking. Our Inner Child can manifest and present all sorts of issues, ranging from addictions, anxiety, depression, and dysfunctional relationships. We may feel a deep sense of sadness and not understand why, or feel shame, anger and resentment. Sometimes it is easier to live in denial, numbing out with alcohol, food or drugs, just to maintain the status quo; we have become so accustomed to coping and surviving that we may not give our behaviour a second thought. Not only did the people in our childhoods relieve us of our power and trust, but also our self esteem. This came at a significant price, creating a legacy and not a life. As a result we are somehow bound to the past by our thoughts and feelings about what happened to us. No matter how much we consciously try and forget the past, our hurt Inner Child will not let us off the hook and ignoring their anguish and pain is not an option. The more we attempt to ignore our emotional pain, the more persistent and severe it will become, sometimes resulting in physical illness, ailments and mental health issues. Our Inner Child will not be appeased until we acknowledge, validate and ‘parent’ that part of ourselves.

However, no matter how bleak the picture may seem, there are helpful processes to heal and release the past. Hypnotherapy and Inner-Child therapy effectively accesses the subconscious mind, and facilitates a re-union. This re-union is a ‘home-coming’ for our Inner Child to feel safe again, to start to trust and to come out of hiding. We start to treat that part of ourselves in the same way we would our own children, when they are distressed, sad, frightened and having those dreaded tantrums! One thing that we would never do is ignore a child in distress. The more our Inner Child starts to trust, the less we will experience those challenging feelings that have plagued us for years, and instead gradually start to feel a sense of relief and ease. We have listened, honoured and nurtured our denied inner self, and that is all a child needs.

Hypnotherapy and Inner Child therapy is a very effectual and powerful way to access the subconscious and negotiate with the traumatized part of us, starting the process of healing. Then we are able to create a life that we truly deserve, a life that is a reflection of inner-stability and high self esteem.