About Sandy

Sandy Robson is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Neuro-linguisitic Programming or NLP Practitioner, and an Accredited Journey Practitioner. She trained with the Contemporary College of Therapeutic studies at the Birbeck, and with the Ericksonian Hypnosis School, London.

The Journey, pioneered by bestelling author Brandon Bays, is cutting edge transformation and healing work designed to clear emotional and mental blocks. It has helped thousands of people with issues such as depression, addictions, trauma and anger, all with incredible results, and Sandy herself has worked with hundreds of people using the Journey in the United States and the UK. She felt compelled to study the process after the book literally fell off the shelf one afternoon as she searched for a different title.

“I picked it up, read the description and knew I had to buy it!
Two years later I became accredited.”

Sandy is particularly passionate about working with clients to uncover emotional blocks and the subconscious drivers that compel us to continually repeat the same patterns, even though these damaging behaviours are the source of chaos and distress. She believes people deserve to reach their true potential but are often unable to do so due to subconscious patterns which are running their lives by default.

“Some people feel as if they are living only a fraction of their potential. They function with a sense of detachment, feeling sad and frustrated that they are unable to break free from the past and embrace a new way of being.” Sandy knows these habitual patterns can be changed with Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Therapy and The Journey techniques.

“The subconscious is the true powerhouse when it comes to change.
Once the subconscious shifts to agreement, the past is released with ease.
The individual is then free to move forward.”

Sandy specializes in self-esteem and weight-loss issues, recognizing that low self-esteem is often the result of past trauma or difficult life circumstances. Women can be particularly affected, and Sandy has worked with many clients who have experienced physical, emotional, sexual abuse and rape. She knows that these are deeply sensitive issues which produce devastating repercussions, and so endeavours to facilitate her client’s process with care, empathy and consideration.

Sandy offers a highly confidential and caring environment in which her clients become able to accomplish freedom from past trauma and present pain.